The best AISI 316L stainless steel in ecological, sustainable and timelessly elegant lines. Essential features, high production technology and high resistance, thanks to PVD coatings.

Innovative type of metal coating with high performance against abrasion and corrosion over time, combining practical functionality with a modern yet refined aesthetic. The PVD coating process is also more respectful of nature, in line with our sustainable thinking.

PVD Colors

For the best stainless steel, we chose the best coating technology: PVD. We design products with high strength and durability, also thanks to PVD which is one of the most
innovative coating techniques, originally used in aerospace programmes. In addition, PVD is a green colouring process, because it is more environmentally friendly than traditional
processes such as electroplating or painting, with zero impact on our health and that of the planet. Tubico's PVD colours illustrate the research, innovation and design that goes into each of our creations.



Elegant and contemporary.
This colouring illuminates and at the same time shapes the details of the space.



Intense and deep.
This colouring contrasts and enhances the clean lines of the finishes.



Delicate and brilliant.
This colouring takes the look to new aesthetic standards.



Iconic and precious.
This colouring creates angles of pure design.

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